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We in St. Paul’s S.N.S. are currently working towards achieving ‘Active School’ status for our school. An active school is said to be any school that strives to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.
In taking on this challenge, the staff of St. Paul’s are seeking to increase the level of physical activity and exercise which our students experience during their time in school. In so doing, our intention is to produce students who reach their physical fitness potential, both now and in the future.
Over the course of the school year, a wide variety of P.E. initiatives will be introduced throughout our entire school community. In order to facilitate such initiatives, an Active School Committee made up of students, school staff and parents has been created.
As with all areas of school life, the support and participation of all members of our school community, including pupils, parents and staff, is hugely important to ensuring this project is the success we all hope it will be. So whether you’re a pupil, a parent, a family member or a member of staff, the message is very much the same; get active, get involved and most importantly, have fun!!

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We are a co-educational school providing classes from Third Class up to Sixth Class aswell as having a Reading Class and a Behavioural Unit. There are currently over 450 pupils in the school with a teaching staff of approximately 31. The school has an in-house canteen providing very affordable, food options for children.

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